/February 26 – March 1

Grade 3

February 26 – March 1

Happy Snowy Day to you! What a joyful time it was on the play ground at recess today. I certainly didn’t mind being out with the children. The true joys of childhood are definitely not found in an iPad or by watching a show. The smiles and laughter and fun that they have just playing as children always brings a smile to my face. (Not to mention that the fresh air does them a world of good!) With that being said I hope that they are able to take advantage of the afternoon to play in the snow.

A look forward at next week:

*Please join us for daily morning mass at 8:15 in the church. School will begin after mass ends.*

A note of thanks to all of the families who have sent their children to mass in the mornings. It is wonderful to see so many smiling faces so early. It is also wonderful to see so many parents join us as well.


Hot lunch for those who ordered

Please send a picture of your child. It must be them only doing something regular. Nothing too exciting. This will be used for a writing activity that we are doing on Monday. You can print it in black and white or small. No need to have a professional picture. Thank you for doing this. It will be such a benefit to the students.


Regular School Day


2:00 Dismissal


Speech Arts (Round 2) in Rm 1 and 2 — 10:45 – 12:00 parents welcome to attend.


The first day of March (and a regular school day)!


Happy Weekend! Enjoy the snow and please drive safely.