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Grade 3

February 1st ~ 5th

Hello Grade 3 Families!

We’re already beginning the month of February! It’s surprising how fast time flies! This school year is different in so many ways! One difference amongst many others is that we will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day at school. Please do not have your child bring Valentine’s Day cards or treats to school this year as per our COVID-19 protocols. The good thing this year is that the students will not be having any classes from February 11 to the 15th, so it will make it easier to remember.

In the month of February, the Grade 3 students are responsible for the display board at the entrance near the covered area.  Our theme for this year will be a visual one; once it is completed, I will post a picture of it in our Classdojo Story. The Display should be up by Wednesday at the latest^^*!

The Grade 3s had a wonderful 2 weeks listening to each team’s oral presentation on their  BC  Animal Science  Poster research projects! They will have the occasion to do several other presentations in Grade 3 before the end of the school year to continue perfecting their oral presentation skills.

This week the Grade 3 students will be starting a new unit in science and in math. In science it will be on Landforms and Bodies of Water. This is a cross-curricular lesson in which they will be writing a skit with a partner during Language Arts that will be made into an iMovie. The skit  takes place in a Science Fair where they will be showcasing their bodies of water and landforms model. Usually the Grade 3 students would be making the models at home and meeting up with their partner to work on them. This year that won’t be possible, so they will be making them during art class, and it will be part of their art assessment for the next term.

In math they will be starting Unit 3 on additions and subtractions. Starting next week they will be bringing addition and subtraction worksheets home  as additional practice for homework.

Here is this week’s schedule:


  • PE


  • PE today at 9:00 am
    • Students come to school wearing their PE strip
    • Please make sure their complete uniform is in their backpack
    • They will change into their gym shoes at school
  • Music
  • French


  • Dismissal at 2:00 pm today (1:45 – 2:00 or 2:00-2:15)


  • re-registration day ~ if you are sending the package to school with your child, please tuck it into their agenda book so that they remember to give it to me when they arrive
  • Library
  • Music
  • PE
  • French


  • Communicating Student Learning (CLS) goes home today
    • please sign the back of the cover and return it in the envelope on Monday
    • you may keep the CLS
  • PE
  • Fukuroku hot lunch for those who ordered
    • Please bring your own cutlery


A friendly reminder for the January/February Scholastic Book Order: 

Here is the link

  • Please enter Teacher Code:  RC143526 to place an order online
  • Books can be delivered directly to your home


Looking Ahead

Feb. 11 & 12 – Pro-D (no school)

Feb. 15 – Family Day (holiday)


Feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms Boily