/February 13 – 16

Grade 3

February 13 – 16

Happy Family Day! I hope that you have been able to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors with your family this weekend. I know I have enjoyed it.

We have been working very hard at learning and using three-digit addition and subtraction through projects and lessons. Thank you for supporting your child at home while we have been learning all about these new skills. I have enjoyed seeing them put what they know to use in the context of real-life situations, like adding up a bill for a restaurant.

We are continuing to work on expanding our writing in class. The students have been able to write about their buddies and themselves to improve on paragraph writing. We will keep focusing on revising and editing skills in all areas of our work. Your children have so much to say and they are very creative during writing choice times.

I have enjoyed seeing how the students are making connections between the aboriginal cultures and their own families. While working on art projects we have used symbols to connect character traits of our loved ones to images. It is always very exciting to see how connected the children are to each member of his or her family.

As we begin the season of Lent we will be talking about ways we can get closer to God. We will talk about goals for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Perhaps you have a family goal that you want to work on together? Lent is a great time to work together as a faith community which starts at home. Talk to your child about what your family thinks are great goals. We’d love to share some in class.

Looking forward to this week:


Biography projects are due. (Only some projects will be presented today so if you need an extra day or two, that’s okay – enjoy the rest of this Family Day. Remember, the creative part of this project was to be fun and not stressful.)

White, Pink and/or Red Dress Down Day. $2 to go to Catholic Charities.

Any Valentine Treats will be handed out and sent home to enjoy.


Ash Wednesday — no treats will be distributed.

Mass at 11am in the church. Please come and join us.


Please join us in the church for 8:15 mass. School will begin once Mass is complete.

A regular school day.


Regular School Day — No Assembly

Please join us in the church for 8:15 mass. School will begin once Mass is complete.