/Week of May 20 – 24

Grade 2

Week of May 20 – 24

Dear Grade Two Families,
Congratulations to you and your children on their Solemn Communion Celebration and for completing their First Communion Program!! It is such a beautiful time for you and your families so I hope you were able to enjoy all your celebrations! I hope to see you at the different Masses in the new church!
We have an exciting week with our field trip, the school book fair and our Assembly! I will be sending an email tomorrow with all the details you need for the field trip.
The book fair runs from Wednesday to Friday. Please note that on Friday the book fair ends at 10:30 am. You are welcome to join us on Wednesday morning at 8:45 am to visit the book fair and purchase books with your child. If you are unable to join us, your child has the opportunity to come home with a wish-list. Thank you in advance for supporting the book fair and helping fundraise for the school!

Star of the Week: Gianmar

Here are the reminders for the week:

Monday, May 20

  • Victoria Day (no school)

Tuesday, May 21

  • Reading Activity due
  • Return yellow Parent Guide until the end of the week
    • $20 fine for lost Parent Guides

Wednesday, May 22

  • PE today
  • Reading Activity goes home
  • Spelling Check Up for List #20
  • Return Library books
  • Scholastic Book Fair
    • Our class will go at in at 8:45 am
    • Parents are welcome to come join us to help their kids pick and purchase books
    • Students are responsible for their own money

Thursday, May 22

  • Scholastic Book Fair (all day)
  • Field Trip to Burnaby Village Museum
    • Please see upcoming email for more information

Friday, May 23

  • Assembly led by Grade 5 & 2 ~ please join us!
  • Scholastic Book Fair (until 10:30 am)
  • PE today
  • Reading Activity goes home

Please email me at cramirez@stpaulschool.ca or write me a note in your child’s agenda if you have any questions or concerns.

Miss Ramirez 🙂