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Grade 2

Week of Mar. 8-12

Dear Grade Two Families,

The class has been making wonderful connections to all the different concepts we are learning in class. They made a beautiful connection between the three states of matter and their relationship with God. They said that when we pray and celebrate Mass, we are like the solid molecules – all gathered together and close to God. When we are distracted during prayer, we are like the liquid molecules – a little spread apart and further away from God. When we don’t pray at all, we are like the gas molecules-all spread out and far away from God. It’s been such a joy witnessing the students make such meaningful connections and growing in their faith!

This week, the children will be taking their Lenten calendars home so that they can continue recording their acts of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving over Spring Break. Since the beginning of the Lenten season, the class has been given a daily promise to keep. This has ranged from saying a prayer for someone to giving something up for the day or doing an act of kindness. Over the break, your children can choose what they would like to do for each day and record it on their calendar by either drawing a cross for prayer, fish for fasting, or a heart for almsgiving in the corresponding boxes. Please return the sheet after the break so that the children can continue to fill it in at school for the remaining days of Lent.

Here are the reminders for the week:

First Communion Theme: Listening

Star of the Week: Bella


  • Bring back Gold Book
  • PE today


  • French and Music today
  • Bring back Spelling notebook


  • PE today at 9:00 am
    • Students come to school wearing their PE strip
    • Please make sure their complete uniform is in their backpack
    • They will change into their gym shoes at school
  • Library books due today
  • Spelling List #14 test today


  • No more Spelling lists until after Spring Break
  • Library Day
  • PE today


  • Last day of school before the break!
  • PE today
  • Gold Book goes home
    • They will stay home over the break and be brought back to school on Monday, March 29th
    • Please go through the whole chapter with them
    • Complete any unfinished work
    • Please do not work ahead to the next chapters

Please email me at or write me a note in your child’s agenda if you have any questions or concerns.

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing Spring Break! I look forward to seeing the students again on Monday, March 29th.

With love,

Miss Wu