/Week of June 17-21

Grade 2

Week of June 17-21

Hi Grade Two Families!
We had an awesome time bowling and going to the Fire Hall! At the Fire Hall, we got to see the fire trucks, watch a firefighter go down the fire pole and learn all about fire safety (playing in the park was a bonus too). The students learned that smoke is the most dangerous part of the fire, cigarettes are the main causes of fires in Richmond, and that they should sleep with the doors closed in case of a fire. The next day, I asked them how many of them sleep with the doors closed and almost the whole class put their hands up! We are continuing our learning about fire safety on Monday with Kyle Moorehead (he may or may not be Mrs. Moorehead’s son) who is training to be a firefighter.
The I’m a Gift from God program is continuing and it will come home several times this week and needs to be brought back to school the day after. When it does go home, please make sure you review those pages with your child and please sign in the parent space provided.
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! I hope you were showered with lots of love, laughter and all your favourite things!

Star of the Week: Kayla

Here are the reminders for the week:

Monday, June 17

  • PE today
  • no hot lunch
  • special visit from Kyle Moorehead on firefighter training and fire safety

Tuesday, June 18

  • Special Gummy Bear challenge with the Grade 1 class continues!
  • Pizza Lunch for Hilary’s birthday
    • If your child does not eat pizza, please make sure they bring their own lunch

Wednesday, June 19

  • PE today
  • Step Up Day
    • The students will get to hang out with Mrs. Boily in the afternoon while I take a break (just kidding, the Grade 1 class will come to Grade 2!)

Thursday, June 20

  • PE/ Health today
  • Classroom clean up will start today so please send an extra bag to put their school things in
  • Book Bingo ends today
    • Prizes will be handed out next week

Friday, June 21 ~ Fun Day!

  • Parents are invited to join us in the gym at 8:15 am for the Appreciation Breakfast
    • school-aged children will have supervision
  • School starts at 8:45 am
  • Students come to school dressed in their colour team
  • At 9:00 am, we gather in the gym for prayer and cheers
  • After all the Fun Day stations, we will have a snack and water break in the classroom
    • Please give your child their snack in the morning so they can leave inside the school
  • Fun Day ends at 1:00 pm
  • Parents and other family members are welcome to join in on the fun!

Looking Ahead:

  • Monday, June 24 ~ Primary Picnic at Garden City Park
  • Tuesday, June 25 ~ School Mass led by the Grade 7s
  • Thursday, June 27 ~ Last Day of School (noon dismissal)

Please email me at cramirez@stpaulschool.ca or write me a note in your child’s agenda if you have any questions or concerns.

9 more days of Grade Two!

Miss Ramirez 🙂