/Week of Jan. 27 – 31

Grade 2

Week of Jan. 27 – 31

Hi Grade Two Families,

We had a very special feast day celebration on Friday! Throughout the week we talked about St. Paul’s life and how he used it to teach people about God. The students reflected on what they can to do be like St. Paul to bring God’s message to others. Then we capped off the week by celebrating mass together, having all of us in the gym to eat lunch and then played some bingo! The energy in the gym was electric especially as many students (and parents) came close to winning!

Congratulations! You have successfully survived your first week of the First Communion Program! Thank you very much for all the dedication and commitment you have shown this past week for the First Communion program! The children (and you) did a wonderful job participating actively during the Mass and sharing their knowledge of the theme. They were beaming after they were accepted as candidates for First Communion. I can’t wait for the upcoming weeks and for them to continue on this very special journey!

Please don’t forget to print a family photo and put it on page 2 of your child’s Gold Book.

First Communion Theme: Celebrating

Star of the Week: Angelo

Here are the reminders for the week:

Monday, Jan. 26

  • Hot lunch for those who ordered
  • PE today
  • Bring back Gold Book
  • Poems for Speech Arts due
    • Please bring 2 poems that they would like to recite. We will go over them to make sure they follow the criteria and there are no duplicates. We will let your child know what poem we have chosen by the end of the day.
  • Landform pictures due via email

Tuesday, Jan. 27

  • Return Spelling books
  • Pizza and spaghetti lunch for Angelo’s birthday

Wednesday, Jan. 28

  • Return Library books
  • PE today
  • Spelling Check Up for List #10
  • Parent Meeting
    • 6:45 pm in the school gym
    • Please sign in before you have a seat
    • Kindly make childcare arrangements as children are not allowed to come to the meeting

Thursday, Jan. 29

  • PE today
  • Spelling List #11 goes home today
  • Gold Book goes home
    • They will stay home over the weekend and be brought back to school on Monday
    • Please go through the whole chapter with them
    • Complete any unfinished work
    • Please do not work ahead to the next chapters

Friday, Jan. 30

  • Assembly led by Grade 6 & K ~ please join us
  • Star Wars dress down day
    • Bring in $2 for the Redemptorist Mater Seminary
    • Wear Star Wars costume, themed shirts
    • If your child does not have a Star Wars themed outfit, they are welcome to wear Star Wars colours: white, brown, beige, and/or black
  • PE today

Saturday, Jan. 31

  • First Communion Mass – Celebrating
    • Bring Baptismal candle
      • If you do not have yours, there will be one available for purchase at the church
    • 5:00 pm in the church
    • Please arrive 15 minutes earlier
    • Please sign in in the foyer of the church and receive your name tag
    • Please come in your Sunday best (no play clothes, jeans, or runners)

Looking Ahead:

  • Wednesday, Jan. 5 – First Communion Parent Meeting – Listening
  • Friday, Feb. 7 –  Communicating Student Learning progress reports go home
  • Saturday, Feb. 8 – First Communion Mass at 5 pm
  • Tuesday, Feb. 11 – Round 1 of Speech Arts in the classroom
  • Wednesday, Feb. 12 – First Communion Parent Meeting – Caring
  • Thursday, Feb. 13 – Friday, Feb. 14 – Catholic Educators Conference (no school)
  • Friday, Feb. 15 – First Communion Mass at 5 pm

Please email me or write me a note in your child’s agenda if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Teodosio 🙂

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