Grade 2

January 31st- February 4th

Good afternoon Grade 2 families,

This week in Grade 2 the children received their Gold Book which marks the beginning of their preparations for First Holy Communion. This afternoon the children brought their Gold Book home as well as the Family Guide. The Family Guide will help you to understand the theme and activities that the children have completed in school during the week. The Family Guide is to stay at home until the end of the preparations and will then be returned to the school so please ensure that it is kept in a safe place. As we received the Gold Books late this week page 9 is to be completed tonight ahead of the mass tomorrow. The Gold Books are to be brought back to school on Monday.

Samantha was our Star of the Week this week and did a super job!

Next week:

Monday: P.E

Tuesday: P.E and French

Wednesday: French

Thursday: Mass

Friday: P.E / Hot Lunch

Saturday February 5th – Mass 5pm.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions but I ask that you be mindful that I reply until 5pm on weekdays.

Have a great weekend !

Kind regards,

Ms. Maye