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Grade 1

Week of September 14 – 18

Hello Grade One Families!

It was so wonderful to see the happiness that the students had in seeing each other, playing together, and sharing stories on our first two days of school last week. They listened to the directions about the new routines very well and most have shown a true understanding of the need to keep themselves and others safe and healthy by having clean hands, wearing masks sometimes, keeping our hands to ourselves, and staying in the Grade One play zone.

This week we will continue to practice these routines and add lockers, agenda books, and changing for PE. We will also discuss more about our theme of “Walk with Jesus, Our Living Hope” and how the students can make a personal connection to this theme every day. We will have lessons on how our brains and emotions affect us and how we can develop a growth mindset. The students will explore what their roles at school are and what responsibilities go along with each role. This will be a very interesting activity as they let me know how they perceive their place in our school community and in their relationship with others. The students have already shared many wonderful ideas of how they should “be” at school including: be kind, be responsible, be safe, and be yourself. What awesome thoughts!

On Friday, your child brought home two masks. Please wash them and label one to be returned to the classroom and stored as an extra mask for your child. If your child comes home wearing their extra mask, you will find the mask from home in their backpack. Please wash the extra mask and then return it to school as soon as possible. Some children already have extra masks in their backpacks, but this extra mask to be stored in the classroom is still necessary please. Please continue to reinforce with your child your family expectations for wearing masks in the classroom and at recess time because when they ask me if they can take their masks off in the classroom or for recess, my answer is that they need to follow the instructions that their parents have given to them. The students did an amazing job of wearing their masks appropriately this week!

Please remember that the students are going outside every day regardless of the weather. Considering that this is September on the West Coast, your child may need a sun hat on one day and rain gear the next!

Please note the following for each day this week:


  • return the green “Our Child” sheet, the brown envelope (sent with the oldest or only child in each family), their extra mask, and a photo for the birthday board ~ thank-you to everyone who has already done this!
  • PE class today ~ students wear their gym strip underneath the regular uniform for every PE class


  • please return any of the above items at are still at home
  • PE class
  • agenda books home ~ please note that this has been postponed from Monday


  • PE class
  • early dismissal today (1:45pm or 2:00pm)


  • we do not have PE class on Thursday


  • PE class

I am still finalizing some things on the Grade One class weekly timetable. Once this is done, I will post it to the Class Info section of the Grade One blog page.

Thank-you to you all for promptly signing up for the Grade One Class Dojo!

Thank-you for reading this very long blog post! Please email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

I hope that you have a fantastic week ahead!

Mrs. Kelly 🙂