/Week of October 28 – November 1

Grade 1

Week of October 28 – November 1

Hello Grade One Families!

What an exciting day with the wind storm and power outage! There was a great deal of interest in the emergency lights in the hallway and the disconnected window fan (from decades ago)  that kept moving even though it wasn’t plugged in!! Everyday there are wonderful moments of joy for me provided by your children!

Thank-you to all parents who have been checking the agenda books every evening (or morning!). Even though the messages do not really change, it is good practice for your child to develop the habit of writing down their homework and they are still very excited about it. Although, that might be because it is the sign that it is time to go home!

Today your child brought home their individual photo proofs. If you would like to order photos, please either do so online or send the order and money in by Friday November 1, 2019. Thank-you!

Many of you have been checking the class ClassDojo account regularly…thank-you for that! We aim to post at least once a week either as a class story or on individual portfolio pages. We have already planned a special post for Halloween!

Some homework that was not listed in the agenda books has to do with a new activity that we will begin next week. The students will be exploring how we connect with others through storytelling. During the first two weeks of November, the students will have an opportunity to tell true stories about themselves (narrative storytelling). In order to help them with this, I am requesting that each child bring in three photos of themselves. These photos can be of life events such as a family vacation, doing after school activities, family or friend celebrations, or family activities such as visiting the pumpkin patch etc. Please work with your child to choose the three photos so that it is something that they are comfortable talking about. The students do not know about the storytelling yet and I am planning to introduce it to them on Monday October 28.  I just wanted to give you a bit of advance notice so that you can think of photos that might be appropriate for this assignment. Please submit the three photos by Monday November 4, 2019 in a small bag or envelope labelled with your child’s name. You will get the photos back by the end of November. Thank-you so much for your help with this!

Please note the following reminders for the upcoming week:


  • PE class
  • hot lunch for those who ordered (please send in forks, spoons and chopsticks as needed)


  • PE class


  • PE class
  • lunch is being provided by Christine’s family for her birthday
  • please send in library books today in anticipation of Thursday being a very busy day

Thursday ~ Halloween!

  • students may come to school dressed in costume or orange and black clothes (Mrs. Moorehead has sent an email already about this so please refer to it with any questions)
  • you are welcome to send in treats for the class (31 students), but it is completely optional
  • I will provide treat bags for each child to bring home their treats and crafts from this very exciting day!!
  • please do not send in agenda books or home reading today

Friday ~ All Saints Day!

  • please join us at 9:00am for our Assembly
  • after the prayer portion of the Assembly we will celebrate our school Walkathon achievements
  • PE class
  • Fukuroku hot lunch for those who ordered (please remember that children need to bring in their own forks, spoons and/or chopsticks)
  • Interim Reports will be sent home today

Please email me at nkelly@stpaulschool.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful weekend and super week ahead!

Mrs. Kelly