/Week of November 26 – 30

Grade 1

Week of November 26 – 30

Hello Grade One Families!

Today we come to the end of our liturgical year as we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. Looking back on this past liturgical year, I am thankful for all the students continue to teach me about loving Jesus and what a blessing it is to be able to grow in my faith along with them. We now look forward with great anticipation to the new liturgical year beginning next Sunday with the first Sunday of Advent. We will have the blessing of the Advent wreaths at our 9:00am Assembly on November 30. I hope that you can join us as we celebrate the beginning of the Advent season together!

The Grade One students all enjoy their PE classes with Mr. Kelly and this week will be extra-special. The students will have guest instructors teaching them about hip hop dancing! There will be PE class everyday this week. On Tuesday and Thursday, PE class for the Grade Ones will begin immediately at 8:45am. Please make sure that your child is in line by 8:40am so that I can bring them in early in order for them to be ready. They will not need their PE strip on Tuesday and Thursday because they will only have time to change into their running shoes before class begins. It should be lots of fun! On Friday afternoon at 12:45pm there will be a special Assembly during which each class will perform a dance routine they have learned. Please join us if you can!

Please note the following for this week:


  • PE class (PE strip needed)
  • hot lunch for those who ordered


  • PE class at 8:45am (no PE strip needed)


  • PE class (PE strip needed)


  • PE class at 8:45am (no PE strip needed)
  • library books due


  • 9:00am Assembly for the First Sunday of Advent ~ please join us!
  • PE class (PE strip needed)
  • 12:45pm dance Assembly ~ please join us!

Looking Ahead ~ Please give your Christmas party gift (or money for the gift) to Agnes Yun no later than Wednesday December 5 (see my previously sent e-mail for details). Thank-you! 

Please e-mail me at nkelly@stpaulschool.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful last week of November!

Mrs. Kelly