Grade 1

Week of November 22 – 26

Hello Grade One Families!

I hope that you are all having a super weekend!

This weekend we celebrate the end of our liturgical year with the Feast of Christ the King. We rejoice that Jesus is the King of our hearts and we follow Him with trust, love, hope and joy. Let us pray that as we begin a new liturgical year, it will be a year of growing in our faith and living as a disciple of Jesus.

Where will our learning journey take us this week? 

  • the students will learn about the Feast of Christ the King and talk about what kind of a king Jesus is
  • we will begin learning about the liturgical calendar and the seasons of the Church – we also hope to be able to visit with Fr. Felix in the Church so that he can show us how different colours are used to show the seasons of the Church
  • we will continue to work on letter formation, sentence writing, and oral reading
  • the students will read stories together and then work both together and independently to sequence the plot events in the stories
  • there were many confident students when they showed me their knowledge of patterning so now we will move on to answer the next questions that were presented: “How are an apple and a pattern the same?” and “Do you know how to name a pattern?”
  • I am happy to say that the children solved the mystery of what we will be exploring in Science over the next few weeks – it is cycles/patterns of the Earth and sky! As we do our activities, we will be sure to post updates on ClassDojo.
  • as we move into the season of Advent (next Sunday), it is a beautiful time to focus on our families and learning more about each other’s families, and this will begin this week
  • in Music class with Mr. Kelly, the students have started practicing for the Advent Choral Celebration and we will be practicing for this in the classroom as well. More information about the Advent Choral Celebration will be communicated by Mrs. Moorehead and/or Mr. Kelly  over the next couple of weeks
  • in between all of these, the students will have PE, Music, French, library time, and Mass as well

Here are a few reminders for this week: 


  • PE class ~ PE strip is needed
  • please send in the data collection sheets if you still have them at home
  • Nova Hot Lunch for those who ordered ~ please send cutlery for your child


  • PE class ~ PE strip is needed


  • school Mass ~ you are welcome to join us in the Church at 9:00am


  • please return all homework folders today ~ it is very important that they are returned so that they can be updated over the weekend…thank-you! 
  • PE class ~ PE strip is needed

General Reminders ~ thank-you for your attention to these matters last week! 🙂 

  • please make sure that your child has their school sweater every day
  • please check that your child has extra masks in their backpack every day
  • please send cutlery for your child’s snack and lunch as needed ~ we do not provide cutlery on a regular basis
  • please continue to be mindful that class begins promptly at 8:45am so children should arrive by 8:40am if possible

Please email me at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

I hope that you have a fun and relaxing weekend and a fantastic week ahead!

Mrs. Kelly 🙂