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Grade 1

Week of November 2 – 6

Hello Grade One Families!

Happy All Saints’ Day! What a beautiful day to celebrate the communion of Saints! I hope that you all found a special way to mark this  solemnity of our Church. If you have not yet had a chance to see the ClassDojo post about All Saints’ Day, please check it out!

Tomorrow we will be doing an activity during the Catholic Education lesson to recognize All Souls’ Day. During this month of November, we will be praying for the souls of the faithful departed during our prayer time particularly those in our family, community of friends, and those who do not have anyone to pray for them.

During the month of  November, we will be exploring new topics on our learning journey. Here are some of the questions that will be guiding us:

What is a saint?

How can I be a saint?

Why do we go to Mass?

What are the liturgical seasons of our Church?

Why do we have Advent?

Why do stories need a sequence?

Can I retell the sequence of a story?

How can I share my ideas through writing?

How can I improve my writing?

What is a pattern?

Can patterns be named, be transformed, and grow?

What makes some things living and some things non-living?

What patterns/cycles can we see on the Earth and in the sky?

What makes my family special?

How are our families the same and different?

It will be an interesting month of discussions and activities!

Please note the following for this week: 


  • PE class
  • please remember to order your child’s photos online (if you want a retake for your child, please send in their photo envelope prior to November 10 with the indication that you want a retake)


  • PE class


  • PE class


  • no PE class


  • PE class
  • Fukuroku hot lunch for those who ordered

Please email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a fabulous week!

Mrs. Kelly 🙂