/Week of May 6 – 10

Grade 1

Week of May 6 – 10

Hello Grade One Families!

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!

I can’t believe that there are only two months left in the school year! The sun is shining and this means that it is a good idea for the students to have a cap or sunhat that they can wear outside for outdoor playtimes and possible outdoor PE classes. As with all clothing sent to school, please make sure that it is labelled with your child’s name.

Our field trip is coming up on Tuesday May 14. Thank-you to everyone who has volunteered to drive to the Britannia Heritage Shipyards. If you are driving to the field trip, please see Mrs. Ong this week to give her a copy of your driver’s license and insurance. Those who have already given her a copy this school year do not need to do so again unless your license or insurance has been renewed. Please e-mail me if you have any questions about this. Thank-you!

To get ready for our field trip, we are exploring how various aspects of life in Richmond have developed over time. We have also started learning about financial literacy (identifying and counting Canadian coins, needs and wants, and saving/sharing/spending money). The students are also learning about the states of matter (solids, liquids, and gasses) and why particular materials are used for making items we need. Finally, this month we will have a focus on Mary and the rosary for our morning prayer.

Please note the following for this week:


  • field trip form due
  • PE class
  • hot lunch for those who ordered
  • Monday sharing group


  • PE class
  • Tuesday sharing group


  • PE class


  • library books due
  • school Mass at 11:00am ~ please join us!
  • Thursday sharing group


  • 9:00am Assembly ~ please join us!
  • PE class
  • Friday sharing group

Please e-mail me at nkelly@stpaulschool.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a super week!

Mrs. Kelly

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