Grade 1

Week of May 23 – 27

Hello Grade One Families!

I hope that you all enjoyed a relaxing and fun long weekend!

Last week the students had an introduction to adaptations and habitats. They discovered that adaptations are needed in order for a living thing to survive. After an activity about habitats, the question arose about whether or not adaptations are connected to an animal’s habitat. There were some great ideas about how we can figure this out and this will be a focus for us over the next couple of weeks.

I’m a Gift from God:¬†Concepts A and B will be covered this week. Please use the parent package to review these lessons with your child this week as well. Please check your child’s agenda book for assignments in the student workbook and return the workbook the next day. Thank-you!

Please note this following for this week:

Monday ~ Victoria Day

  • no school


  • send in Grade 7 fundraising order forms and money


  • last day to send in Grade 7 fundraising order forms and money
  • PE class ~ PE strip is needed
  • Assembly at approximately 1:10pm ~ please join us!
  • Uniform Swap Meet from 2 – 4pm


  • 9:00am Mass ~ please join us!
  • White Spot hot lunch for those who ordered


  • PE class ~ PE strip is needed

Just a reminder to please check that your child has the utensils/cutlery that they need every day for their snack and lunch. Thank-you!

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Kelly ūüôā