/Week of June 17 – 21

Grade 1

Week of June 17 – 21

Hello Grade One Families!

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope that all of the dads are having a super day today!


So, we are coming to the end of the year…the report cards are (mostly) done, the transition visits are happening, and Fun Day is just around the corner!! This will be a busy week in Grade One and there will be a lot of fun activities happening throughout the week. We will finish the “I’m a Gift from God” program this week by completing Concepts G, H and I. Thank-you for your support in making sure that the workbooks are returned daily.

Please return your Garden City Play Park form as soon as possible. Thank-you!

Please note the following for this week:


  • PE class
  • no hot lunch this week
  • special visit from a firefighter (Kyle Moorehead) who will speak to the children about fire safety and firefighting
  • special visit to the Grade 3 classroom to check out their roller coaster projects


  • PE class
  • working in small groups with Grade 2 students to participate in the “Gummy Bear Challenge”


  • no PE class
  • Step-Up Day ~ students will spend the afternoon with Mrs. Teodosio and learn some things about Grade Two while I get to know the Kindergarten students who will be coming into Grade One in September


  • we will begin our classroom clean-up today and students will be bringing home some of their notebooks etc. so please send a cloth grocery bag in their backpack in case of overflow ūüôā

Friday ~ Fun Day!

  • please join us in the gym at 8:15am for the Appreciation Breakfast (supervision will be provided outside for school-age students)
  • school will begin at 8:45am
  • students come to school wearing play clothes in their team colour (hopefully they’ve told you their colour already)
  • at 9:00am we will go into the gym for prayer and cheerleading
  • this will be followed by Fun Day stations which will take place both inside and outside
  • after the stations the students will take a short break in the classroom (you are welcome to send a water bottle and snack for this break)
  • students will reconvene in the gym to close out the Fun Day activities
  • dismissal is at 1:00pm in the covered area
  • Parents are very welcome to join us for Fun Day. Students will be participating in the stations with their Grade 4 buddy and other buddy pairs from different Grades.

There will also be cheerleading practices at the recess breaks this week. These practices are lead by the Grade Seven students and students get together to practice with their colour group.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at nkelly@stpaulschool.ca

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Kelly




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