Grade 1

Week of January 17 – 21, 2022

Hello Grade One Families!

It was so wonderful to have so many students back at school this week! The students were certainly happy to see each other and share stories of their Christmas holidays.

Thank-you for your consideration in keeping your children at home when they are ill. Please read Mrs. Moorehead’s email and letter (sent Friday afternoon) for clear expectations for when students must stay home.

Which curricular content will be covered over the next few weeks?

  • Jesus’s life of Ministry and our patron saint, St. Paul
  • small group reading, phonics and spelling
  • story elements: characters, setting, plot events, problem and solution in fiction stories
  • using a graphic organizer for beginning paragraph writing
  • number concepts: comparing numbers, composing and decomposing numbers, place value (tens and ones), skip counting number patterns practice
  • the community in which we live: roles and responsibilities within a neighbourhood/community/city, how we can help our community, how we can make our community accessible for all
  • exploring light and sound energy
  • continued development of social skills in friendship, perspective taking, problem solving, learning about emotions and managing them

As always this content will be introduced and explored through the lens of asking questions, wondering about our world, and sharing our ideas.

Please note the following reminders for the week:


  • PE class ~ PE strip is needed
  • Yummy Slice hot lunch for those who ordered


  • PE class ~ PE strip is needed


  • 9:00am school Mass ~ you are welcome to join us
  • White Spot hot lunch for those who ordered

Friday ~ Professional Development Day

  • no school for students

Please email me at if you have any questions.

Enjoy the weekend and have a super week ahead!
Mrs. Kelly ūüôā