/Week of January 13 – 17

Grade 1

Week of January 13 – 17

Hello Grade One Families!

I hope that you all have had a great weekend!

It seems as though winter has definitely arrived in the Lower Mainland. Thank-you to everyone who had their children ready to play outside in the cold and snow last week. This week will continue to be cold and snowy so please make sure that your child has the appropriate coat, hat, mittens etc. for the weather. If your child wears their boots to school, please put their black school shoes into their backpack. Thank-you!!

The first week back was such a wonderful reminder to me of how much the children have grown up since September. Where does the time go?!? I am looking forward to beginning some of our new units of study this week and will post more information about this on the next blog post.

Home reading will begin on Tuesday. I will send an email on Monday with more information because the structure is slightly different than in the first term. We will also begin our writing/show and tell assignments this month. I know that many of the students are very excited to begin Grade One Show and Tell (which we actually refer to as Sharing Time).

Please note the following for this week:


  • PE class
  • hot lunch for those who ordered (please send cutlery for your child)


  • no PE class today
  • home reading will be send home today


  • PE class


  • library books are due today


  • 9:00am Assembly ~ please join us!
  • PE class
  • Fukuroku hot lunch for those who ordered (please send cutlery)

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a fantastic week!

Mrs. Kelly

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