/Week of February 10 – 14

Grade 1

Week of February 10 – 14

Hello Grade One Families!

The weekend is here! Next week is a short school week, but there are still several things to take note of for the three days that we are in school.

First of all, there is some special homework for this weekend. As a result of the time exploring light with the flashlights and a discussion we had today, the students are going to do a short inquiry about light. This weekend, the students need to look around and find at least five places that they see light in their community. Then, when they share their observations with the class, they will also be sharing ways that these lights help the community. Some examples would include: street lights, emergency vehicle lights, signal lights etc. As you are out and about this weekend, please help your child to spot lights they see and talk about how those lights are helpful.

Next, just a reminder that there is no sharing during the upcoming week. Please do not send in any sharing until after the long weekend. On Tuesday February 18 both the Monday and Tuesday groups will do their sharing presentations.

Finally, since we are not in school on Valentine’s Day you are welcome to send in Valentine’s Day cards for the classmates on either Tuesday February 11 or Wednesday February 12. This is entirely optional.

Please note the following daily reminders as well:


  • I am away at a meeting and Mrs. Fraser will be teaching Grade One
  • please return the CSL folders (signed) and envelopes
  • hot lunch for those who ordered ~ please send in cutlery as needed
  • PE class


  • PE class
  • pizza lunch for Connor’s birthday


  • please join us at 10:45am for the “Unstoppable Tracy” presentation in the gym
  • PE class

Thursday & Friday

  • no school for students

Please email me at nkelly@stpaulschool.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a super weekend and week ahead!

Mrs. Kelly


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