/Week of December 16 – 20

Grade 1

Week of December 16 – 20

God of light, bring us joy!

Help us to find joy this Advent season.

Help us to prepare for the coming of the Lord.

Hello Grade One Families!

We have arrived at the third Sunday of Advent – the week of joy!! There is certainly some joyful behaviour happening in Grade One, along with overwhelming excitement and anxious anticipation. Christmas is just around the corner, but first we will spend time this week focussing on the story of Mary and her willingness to give over her whole life to Jesus and God’s mission for her. We will be asking ourselves: How can I show this week that Jesus lives in me and that I am ready for Him to arrive?

There are a few general requests and reminders for this last week before the Christmas holidays. Please note the following:

  1. We are collecting $2 for the Firefighters’ Burn Fund. Please send in the $2 donation any day this week (preferably before Friday).
  2. I will keep the agenda books at school until after the holidays. Please do not expect them to come home this week.
  3. If you have any home reading at home, please return it on Monday or Tuesday.
  4. There are still some students who do not have their full costume for the Christmas Concert. If you still have the gown and light coloured clothing at home, it must be sent in on Monday so that the students will know that it is ready for them to wear on Tuesday.
  5. Please send in any school library books by Thursday at the latest. We will resume library visits on Thursdays after the holidays. 
  6. Sometimes parents like to send in Christmas gifts for their child’s Grade Four buddy. This is completely optional. If you were planning to send a gift, please send it on Tuesday because that will be our last official buddy activity time prior to the holidays.

Thank-you for your attention to all of these matters!

Now for the specific notes for each day of the last week before the Christmas holidays:


  • no PE class 
  • lunch is provided by Rocco’s family for his birthday


  • no PE class
  • please send lunch for your child (the only time this week!)
  • the dress rehearsal begins at 1:00pm and audience members are welcome 
  • dismissal is at 3:00pm from the covered area as usual
  • students return to school at 6:15pm (Grade One students wear casual clothes and their school shoes because they will be changing into their costumes at 6:15pm)
  • the evening performance begins at 7:00pm 
  • after the evening performance, the students will come back into the classroom to remove the gowns, halos and garlands…please pick up your child from the classroom and remember to take home their casual clothes and coats which will be in their lockers ~ thank-you!


  • PE class
  • lunch is provided by Emily’s family for her birthday


  • 11:00am Mass ~ please join us for our last school Mass of the decade!! 
  • lunch is provided by Geoffrey’s family to celebrate his birthday

Friday ~ Last Day of School Before Christmas Holidays!

  • non-uniform day ~ ugly Christmas sweaters, Christmas themed clothing, or red and green clothing are all welcome!
  • 9:00am Assembly ~ please join us!
  • please send a snack and water bottle for the morning break
  • 12:00pm dismissal 

There is a lot of information in this blog post, so please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions.

Have a joyful weekend and week ahead!

Mrs. Kelly

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