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Grade 1

Week of December 14 – 18

God of light, give us joy!
Help us to find joy this Advent season. 

Help us to prepare for the coming of the Lord. 

We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, our joy. Amen


Hello Grade One Families!

This week we will celebrate the third week of Advent – the week of joy! Jesus is coming so let us rejoice! The students in Grade One know the joy of the season very well. They are literally vibrating with excitement for all that Advent and Christmas mean to them. During these difficult times of the pandemic, it is a privilege and a blessing to be able to spend every day surrounded by their excitement and joy.

We are winding down for the holidays and finishing up a few activities before the Christmas break. I cannot believe that we are already at this point in the school year. The students have been so amazing during this first term at adapting to new protocols, bringing their “wonderings” and ideas to class everyday, and sharing their wonderful personalities with us all.

I realize that the students are more than ready for the holidays. During this week, if you are able to keep up the routine of home reading then please do so; however, if it becomes too much of a challenge then please just take a break until January. Monday will be the only day that the agenda books will come home. As of Tuesday, I will keep the agenda books in the classroom until after the holidays.

We have an exciting week ahead! Please note the following: 


  • PE class


  • Fr. Smith and Fr. Joseph will come to say Mass for our learning group…we are truly blessed to have this opportunity
  • PE class
  • no agenda books as of today (please send them back to be stored in the classroom)


  • Advent Luncheon for the students
  • please be sure to send a morning snack and your child’s water bottle
  • no PE class


  • Christmas Party with the whole class (learning group and our classmates who will “zoom in”) between recess and lunch


  • students may wear Christmas themed clothes to school including “ugly Christmas sweaters”
  • it is Fr. Smith’s birthday so if you see him around please wish him a Happy Birthday!
  • first group dismissal is at 11:45am and second group dismissal is at 12:00pm

Thank-you very much for your generosity to the “Hampers for Hope” fundraiser! Our board is full of stars and our hearts are full of gratitude!

If you have any questions please email me at

Have a fantastic week!

Mrs. Kelly