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Grade 1

September 21 – 25

Hello Grade One Families!

Welcome to a new week of Grade One! Thank-you so much for sending back the “Our Child” sheets. The hopes and goals that you have for your child will be with me as I work with them this year. Last week the students showed once again their eagerness to engage in class discussions and activities, and follow the classroom safety and behaviour protocols. Now that the air quality advisory has been lifted, we hope to do more of our learning outside this week. 

This week we will continue the introduction to our questions of exploration and learning that will probably take us up to Thanksgiving. They include:

How can I follow Jesus’s example of welcoming others?

How can I have a growth mindset?

Why do we read? How can I develop my reading skills?

What are my roles in our classroom and school? How can I do my best in each role? 

What data can I collect about the opinions of my classmates on the questions we have developed (example: What is your favourite ____________?)? Where can that data be used in our world?

What is my opinion?

Why do writers write? How can I share my ideas/opinions through writing?

How do scientists make observations? Why do they do this? Can I do this? 

Whew!! That seems like a lot and I am sure that the students will lead me to other questions as well!! It should be a fun week! Hopefully, we’ll have time to get some pictures up into ClassDojo to share with you!! 

Here are just a few reminders of things that I noted this week: 

Agenda Books ~ please make sure that your child returns their agenda book to school every day

PE Strip ~ changing is going very well at school and please remember that your child must wear their polo shirt on top of their PE shirt 

School Supplies ~ I know that ordering from Staples was very challenging this year. If your child did not receive everything, please note that it is still a required item (such as duo-tangs) and must be sent to school as soon as possible. 

We will begin home reading this week. We will be using the RAZ KIDS (Kids a-z) as you did for remote learning in Kindergarten. You will find your child’s login information in the front pocket of their agenda book on Monday September 21. Please see the Class Info section of the blog for more details (I will post by the end of the day on Sunday). 

Please note the following reminders for this week: 


  • return new health form in the front pocket of your child’s agenda book
  • PE class
  • RAZ KIDS login information will be brought home


  • PE class


  • PE class


  • last day to submit hot lunch orders (please put it into the front pocket of the agenda book)


  • PE class

Please email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

Have a fantastic week ahead!
Mrs. Kelly 🙂