Grade 1

October 4 – 8

Hello Grade One Families!

Oh my goodness…October already! The perfect month to take the time to look at the trees – God’s glorious creation in all its colourful beauty.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the ClassDojo Class Story since yesterday, please take the time to look at our Walkathon post with pictures. Thank-you to everyone for your support whether it was in person or in spirit!

This week we also had Orange Shirt Day. It was very moving to watch the children’s faces as we read stories and discussed the Residential Schools and how they made the Indigenous children feel. As we go through this school year, there will be many, many opportunities for the Grade One students to develop their appreciation for local First Nations culture. This is important so that as they begin to learn more about contact with settlers and the Residential Schools in the older Grades, the students will have a reference point to be able to make a connection with what was lost to the Indigenous Peoples of Canada.

Beginning on Monday October 4, all students in Kindergarten  – Grade 3 must wear masks while indoors at school. This includes your child! Please make sure that they are wearing a mask when they exit the car in the morning and put one or two extra masks in their backpack in case their mask needs to be changed over the course of the day. Thank-you!

Please check the Class Info section of the Grade One blog page for information about the home reading homework which begins on Monday October 4.

Also on Monday October 4, the students will bring home their agenda book for the first time. This book is used to record homework and reminders on a daily basis. Please check your child’s agenda book every day after school and return it to school every morning.

Please note these messages for the upcoming week: 


  • PE class ~ PE strip needed
  • Nova Foods hot lunch for those who ordered it ~ please send cutlery because it is not provided


  • return agenda books please (the first of many mornings that you will do this over the next few years!)


  • PE class ~ PE strip is needed


  • Mass ~ full uniform including sweater is expected please


  • no PE class because Mr. Kelly is away and we are having a special visit with Fr. Felix in the Church (we will have extra outside play time instead)

Looking Ahead

  • October 11 ~ Thanksgiving Day! (no school)
  • October 13 ~ Walkathon pledge sheet and money is due back to school

Thank-you very much for your attention to all of this information! Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and have a fabulous week ahead!

Mrs. Kelly 🙂