Grade 1

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of our Grade One families! May this year be one of joy in our faith, families and friends while we continue to pray for good health and other blessings through the Grace of our Lord Jesus.

I hope that your Christmas holidays were filled with many moments of fun and happiness that will make lifelong memories for your family. Thank-you again for all of the Christmas prayers, cards, greetings and gifts. Your thoughtfulness is so kind and a true blessing to me.

We will begin this term with a change to our Grade One community. Ms. Shanna has been reassigned to work in Grade Four. I am very happy to welcome Mrs. Marwaha to the Grade One team. She has worked in Grade One in previous years and I know that you will join me in welcoming her to our wonderful class community.

As we embark on our second term of school this week, the students will be introduced to many new themes and learning opportunities. In next week’s blog I will provide more details about this, but do check-in to ClassDojo over the upcoming week for a sneak peek.

Please carefully read and watch all communications from Mrs. Moorehead and/or the school office for updates on school protocols. 

Also, please note:

Absences: If your child will absent from school for any reason, please email both me and Mrs. Ong (school office) to let us know. Please also use the health check everyday and keep your child home if they have any symptoms of illness. Thank-you!

Homework Folders: Your child’s homework folder will be sent home on either Monday or Tuesday. Please work on one or more of the homework choices every day. There will be a spelling component sent home at a later date once it has been introduced in the classroom.

Please make sure that your child has:

1. appropriate rain/snow outerwear for playing outside every day

2. at least two extra masks in their backpack every day

3. a set of extra clothes to keep in their locker in case they get too wet outside (ex.:fall in a puddle or mud) and need to change

4. extra socks

5. their school sweater every day because the windows will be open

Please note the following reminders for this week: 


  • PE class (please read the PE blog for special instructions for this week)
  • Nova Hot Lunch for those who ordered ~ please send cutlery as usual


  • PE class


  • 9:00am school Mass ~ you are welcome to join us


  • PE class
  • Fukuroku Hot Lunch for those who ordered for Friday January 7 ~ please send cutlery

Thank-you so much for your attention to this very long blog post. If you have any questions, please email me at

Have a super weekend and week ahead!

Mrs. Kelly 🙂