/Weekly Sharing Assignment

Grade 1

Weekly Sharing Assignment

Each week students will have the opportunity to share something special from home. It can be a toy, a treasure, something they have made, a photo of something from home (such as a bike) or a special event.

After your child has chosen what they will share, they will write four sentences about it in their sharing notebook. The notebook contains the instructions and an example page. Please follow the instructions with your child and help as needed. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to assist your child in developing their writing skills.

Each child has an assigned day of the week for their sharing presentation. Their day is written on the instruction page in the sharing notebook.  In the event of a missed day of school (such as a professional day), children will be re-assigned to a different day. This will be noted on the weekly blog. On their assigned day, students bring their notebook (with the four sentences completed) and their sharing item to school. The sharing item will be sent home the same day and the notebook will be sent home the following day. Students share on their assigned day every week.

We will do our best to keep the sharing items safe, however valuables should never be brought to school (it is better to send a photo). Also, please make sure that your child can carry the item independently to and from school.

Sharing is always one of the favourite parts of the day! We love learning about each other!


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