Grade 2


Hi Grade 2 Families,

Our Spelling program has begun!

We do a “Check-In” on Tuesday to see what words they know and what don’t know so we can practice the ones they don’t know. Each student has a different spelling list to best support and help their learning.

A new list will be sent our every Thursday in their Spelling notebooks. They will also write 5 sentences using their Spelling words. I will usually write a note on top encouraging their learning and giving them something to work on for next week. Please go over the note with them. I remind to look back at the notes before they start writing the next week, so they know what area they can focus on for that week.

We do a Spelling “Check-Up” on Wednesday of the following week. Please practice their spelling words with them throughout the week. Please send their Spelling notebook to school on or before Wednesday.


You can try some of these ideas to practice spelling with your child.


Their Spelling Check-Ups will be marked and glued in their notebooks afterwards. If the spelling words are not yet mastered by the Wednesday, we will take the words that they don’t know and practice them again for the following week.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Spelling program. Thank you very much for your continued support in your child’s learning!


Miss Ramirez