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Grade 3

Science Fair Skit

The students will be writing a skit with their science model partner. They will be pairing up with the other team at their table to act out the skit and do the practice videos.

Their skit setting will take place at a Science Fair. They will be showcasing their model. One of the visitors at the Science Fair will stop to look at their model and ask them questions about it. They can be very creative on the exchange as long as the dialogue is respectful.

In Language Arts they have been learning about different types of sentences. They will need to have at least one of each type of sentence in their skit. Here is an example of each one:

  • Statement sentence: This is my science model.
  • Question sentence: What did you just say?
  • Command sentence: Close the door.
  • Exclamation sentence: Don’t touch it!
  • Italicized word: I don’t understand what you mean.
  • Interjection: Wow!

The skit will be written by the Grade 3 students in the classroom during Language Arts, except for the Temporary Transition Learners who will be doing it at home. The TTL will be acting out the skit with their siblings or parents. All of the students will have 2 weeks to work on the written part and to practice, so that they are ready to take and post the video on Classdojo in 2 weeks time.

An example of the format is:

John: Hi! Please come and take a look at our model.

Visitor: Oh, sure! I’d love to take a look at it. What is this landform?

John: This one right here? It’s a mesa. A mesa is like a plateau, but much smaller. They both have flat tops and steep sides.

The Grade 3 students who will be doing it in the classroom, can talk about their script with their partner on the weekend via Facetime or other chat sites to generate ideas, if their parents agree and can organize it.

All of the students should be ready to do the final video that will be posted in their Classdojo portfolio in 2 weeks time^^*