/Science Project: Landforms and Bodies of Water

Grade 3

Science Project: Landforms and Bodies of Water

We have started a new unit in science on landforms and bodies of water. The students will be making a model at home with a partner. They will be bringing it completed back to class on February 24th to use in the iMovie skit they will be presenting to their classmates. Once they have all done their iMovie presentations, their models will be put on display for the other St. Paul students to come and see them.


  • The model needs to be made in a shoebox or a pizza box
  • It should have 3 different landforms and 3 different bodies of water from the ones that we have been learning about in class
  • Each landform and body of water needs to be identified
  • There should be a written description of each one placed on their model

Each team can decide how they want to build the various landforms and bodies of water.  They have free range on the materials they use. The students should be the ones making them. Please remember that they will need to bring their model to school on February 25th. This will give them 2 weeks to make their model at home with their partner.

I have attached a few website links for ideas on how they can make them. These are only ideas. Which landforms and bodies of water they choose, and how they decide to make them, is their decision.



I’m looking forward to seeing them when they bring them to school in 2 weeks time^^*


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