/Roller Coaster Inquiry Project

Grade 3

Roller Coaster Inquiry Project

For our Inquiry-Based Project, the Grade 3 students will be making a roller coaster. They will have certain constraints. The constraints will be the amount of time that they have to make it and the materials they will be using. The students will have 3 classes to build their roller coaster and the material they will be using will be:

  1. Cardboard tubes from toilet tissue rolls and paper towel rolls (as many as they want or need)
  2. One roll of masking tape
  3. Two paper plates
  4. One insulator tube

A marble should be able to run on its own from the beginning to the end of the roller coaster once it is completed.

On Monday I will make the teams. I will let the students decide along with you who will be providing which items. I suggest that everyone participate in providing the cardboard tubes from toilet tissue rolls and paper towel rolls since they will probably need a lot of them.

They will be doing this in teams of 3 students with one team of 4 students. I’ve added a few images for you to see the possibilities. I will also be showing them to the students. Everything will be built in the classroom.

Grade 1 and Grade 2 will be coming to see their roller coasters on Monday, June 17th in the morning.

It should be fun^^*!

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