/Reading Log

Grade 2

Reading Log

Hi Grade Two Families,

We are updating the Home Reading program to Reading Logs!

  • Your child will still pick a book from the classroom
  • They will read for 20 minutes
  • After they read the book, they complete out ONE BOX from the Reading Log page
  • They are meant to complete the box independently. However, if they need assistance, please guide them.
  • If a Reading Log requires a drawing, please colour it
  • Please encourage your child to do their best printing, drawing and colouring. They will be asked to redo work that is not neat.
  • If your child reads more than one book in the 20 minutes, they pick only ONE book to write about in the ONE box
  • Once all four boxes on the Reading Log page are finished, a new page will be given
  • Students are not allowed to take out a new book if they have not returned the previous ones

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Teodosio

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