Grade 2

Reading Log

Dear Grade Two Families,

Starting next week, your child will be taking home books to read and record in a reading log! This will be in addition to the weekly Home Reading passage that they have been doing. The goal of this is for enjoyment, confidence, and fluency in reading!

It is highly recommended that your child reads for 20 minutes each day. Please have them read the book that is in their pouch. They can either read it with you or to you. If it takes them less than 20 minutes to read the book, they can read it again or pick another book from home to read. Please help your child read with fluency and expression, and make sure that they are pausing after each sentence. If they struggle through a word, let them try to sound it out first. If they are stuck, please help them!

Once your child has completed the book, have them fill out their Reading Log by writing down the title and the date they finished it. Then, sign the log and kindly return the folder and book in its pouch. Your child will receive a stamp in their reading log for completing the book and the book will be exchanged for a new one!

Please expect the books to be on the easier side in order to develop your child’s confidence as a reader. It is also encouraged that they complete a new book every day. Students are not allowed to choose another book, unless they return the one they have previously borrowed. These books are starting to experience some wear and tear, so please help us take good care of them!

Happy Reading!