/Reading Activity

Grade 2

Reading Activity

Reading Activity is an opportunity for your child to practice their reading skills, as well as their understanding of the story, and the story elements.
The students are sent home with a blue folder and a book. Students will read the book and then will answer the attached activity sheet. Your child should be able to complete the activity independently. You are welcome to guide and encourage them as you see fit. The students are expected to fill all parts of the sheet to the best of their ability, and colour all their pictures neatly. Your child will complete an activity sheet in class, and can serve as an example for what is expected.
Typically, the Reading Activity folders will go home on Tuesday and Friday, and are due on Monday and Thursday. If things change, I will update you via the blog or email.
If your child completes the activity before the due date, they are welcome to hand it in. They will not receive an additional one if they bring it in early. Students will not be allowed to take out another book, if the book hasn’t returned home or if the activity sheet is not completed.
Inside the yellow folder has the same reading log sheet from Home Reading, with the exception of the comment column. The comment column is a place for you to share how the level of difficulty was for the book. If you need more space that what is provided, please send me an email or write a note in your child’s agenda.
Your child is still to read at least 20 minutes a day to continually develop their reading skills. 
Happy Reading!