/Language Arts: Oral Presentation

Grade 3

Language Arts: Oral Presentation

In the course of the school year, several students showed interest in wanting to do a presentation to the class on a topic they felt passionate about. This is the reason why I have decided to have the students do an oral presentation on a subject of their choice.  One of the Big Ideas in the BC curriculum is “Language and story can be a source of creativity and joy”. The goal is to have them tap into their “creativity and joy” while preparing and doing their presentation.

The preparation for the presentation will be done at home. Please feel free to counsel or assist your child in any way that you feel will be beneficial for them; the oral presentation will be done on their own in the classroom, but practising at home in front of their immediate family, and your feedback, can help build their confidence for when they will be doing it in front of their classmates.

The oral presentation can also be a demonstration, as long as they are able to explain what they are doing and why they are doing it. There is no obligation to do a written description with the presentation unless it is a part of it. The evaluation will be on their oral presentation.

If they choose to do it on another person (career or a particular skill that they have), they can join them for their presentation. The student will need to be the one talking about what their guest does, and the guest can have a few minutes, in the end, to add anything to what has already been said or to do a demonstration of their skill or profession.

This is the criteria on which the student doing the presentation will be evaluated:

*The time frame for the oral presentation is between 3 to 5 minutes

  • They are prepared for their speech props, guests etc.
  • They speak loud enough for all the class to hear them
  • They speak clearly at a pace that is not too fast
  • They vary their intonation to add meaning to their words
  • They add gestures to convey meaning
  • They make eye contact


Here are the criteria for the participation of the students who will be the audience:

  • Be an active listener no talking during the presentation
  • After the presentation, ask relevant questions about the presentation can be to clarify or have a better understanding of the presentation
  • Be respectful and considerate during the presentation

This week I will be giving the students the date that they will be doing their presentation. It will be great to listen to the Grade 3 students talk about something that they feel passionate about!

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