Grade 3

Landforms and Bodies of Water Project

We have started a new unit in science on landforms and bodies of water. In the classroom the students have been learning about them and will be paired up with a partner to make a model. Their model will need to have 3 different landforms and 3 different bodies of water. They can add more if they want to^^*

In the previous years, the students made their model at home with their partner: this year, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, they will be making them in the classroom during art class. One of the students in each team is required to bring a shoe box or a medium-sized clean pizza box to school on Tuesday. I will be providing them with construction paper, paint, and  modeling clay. They can bring from home any other items they would like to add to their model.

They will be using their model in the Classdojo recorded skit that they will be presenting to their parents and their classmates.

During the long weekend, the students who are paired up can meet via social media, if possible, to discuss the making of their project. They will be starting to work on it the following week.


  • The model needs to be made in a shoebox or a pizza box
  • It should have 3 different landforms and 3 different bodies of water from the ones that we have been learning about in class
  • Each landform and body of water needs to be identified
  • There should be a written description of each one displayed somewhere on their model

The students will have a maximum of 2 weeks to make their model. During this time they will be writing their skit with their partner in Language Arts.

Once they have completed their model and their skit, they will work on the video that will be posted on their  Classdojo portfolio.

I have attached a few website links for ideas on how they can make their models. These are only ideas: which landforms and bodies of water they choose, and how they decide to make them, is their decision^^*