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Grade 1

Home Reading

For home reading this year, we will be using the online program RAZ KIDS which can be accessed with the Kids a-z app or on a laptop/desktop at Kids a-z. Your child’s login information will be sent home on Monday September 21 in the front pocket of their agenda book.

The students currently do not have an assigned level in RAZ KIDS. They are welcome to read at a comfortable level and explore the different books on the site. Students will be assigned a level at a later date.

Student expectations for home reading are as follows:

  • read aloud every day at home for a minimum of 15 – 20 minutes using RAZ KIDS, preferably with an adult for at least half of that time
  • at least three times per week, record one book for Mrs. Kelly to listen to (it can be a book that has been practiced many times or a new one)
  • read/listen to any books in the Assignments section with an adult (this would be books pertaining to things we are learning in class and will not be on a daily basis)

If you are not able to use an online platform for your child’s home reading, please let Mrs. Kelly know by Tuesday September 22 so that your child can be provided with a paper copy of home reading books.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Kelly ~