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Grade 1

Home Reading

The home reading program in Grade One is set-up so that students can work at their own level and pace. Based on “reading meetings” with class staff, students are assigned a level and may choose from a variety of books within that level. As they demonstrate progress and readiness, they proceed through the levels. Instructions for completing the reading homework are tailored to the level and may vary from student to student. Please follow the instructions in your child’s home reading bag. All books must be recorded and parents sign to show that they have heard their child read the book.

The purpose of the home reading program is to develop reading fluency and expression. Reading fluency refers to a child’s ability to read sight words and new words smoothly and with confidence.

When you are ready to exchange the home reading book (it is when your child has completed the reading assignment and doesn’t have to be every day) please put the book and the sheets into the envelope provided, and return it to school for exchange.

I would encourage you to have other reading times at home with your child (or children) for enjoyment. I have noticed that all of the Grade One students enjoy story time in the classroom – they listen, they laugh, they discuss. Reading books together is the best way to develop a love of reading in your child.

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