/December Book Bingo

Grade 2

December Book Bingo

Hi Grade 2 Families!

In the last two weeks of December, your child can choose to continue their usual Home Reading routine – wherein they pick a book from the classroom, read for 20 minutes, fill out the Home Reading log and bring it back to school.

Alternatively, your child can choose to participate in December Book Bingo! They will get a sheet in the back of their Home Reading folder that looks like the picture below.

It will have different descriptions of books that your child has to read. Once they read a book or two with that description for 20 minutes, they can write down the name of the book. You can sign your initials on the box below. They can pick and choose which boxes they want to complete. Once they have a bingo, they can get aim to get another bingo. If they get a blackout, they can get a little something from school. You are welcome to continue this into the Christmas break and return it to school in January. It is also up to you and your child how you want to space out the 16 boxes.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy reading!


Miss Ramirez