September 11 - 15

 I can't believe our first week of school is over already. It is such a pleasure getting to know your children. It was a week of setting routines and learning about expectations in Grade Three. This next week the students will begin to have some normal expectations for work and home reading. 

Please bring a picture for the hallway birthday board. On the back of the photo please put your child's name, birthdate and grade on it so that the library helpers know where to return your child's picture. 



On Monday your child will bring home a Home Reading Folder. In it you will find a reading log. Please record the date, the title or chapter title or number, time read, and have a parent sign it saying that they have heard their child read this selection. May my child read to a babysitter, grandparent, or older sibling? Yes. They should also read to you as well on most of the days. (Why not listen while you cook dinner... it's like dinner music.) 

The expectation is that your child chooses books that are a good fit for them. They must enjoy the books and they must choose the books. There is no better way to get your child to read than to have them be interested in the books they are reading. I would prefer that they try to read books that give them a little challenge but aren't so hard that they are frustrated. Any genre is okay. Graphic Novels seem to be popular for children of this age. They are welcome to read them but are encouraged to try all sorts of books.

Where do I find a book for my child? The school library, a book they own or even the classroom library! I LOVE children to read. I love them to borrow the classroom books. I operate on the honour system. If you borrow it, please bring it back for others to read once you are finished. READ DAILY - 20 minutes aloud to a parent. I know that families are busy and there are days when life happens. A goal of at least 5 of the 7 days in the week is the minimum expectation. 



Home Reading sent home.

PE today.


PE today


2:00 dismissal


PE today


Spelling Check In -- We'll talk about this on Meet the Teacher Night.


PE days for Grade Three: Mondays, Tuesday, Wednesdays ** Note that this week is different**

Music: Thursdays

French: Tuesdays and Fridays

Library: Book return/exchange/renew Fridays


CROSS COUNTRY BEGINS THIS WEEK -- Please see the PE/MUSIC BLOG for all up to date practices.