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Waiting and Preparing

The Advent season is upon us, beginning with our Advent assembly this Friday.   We too often equate Advent with Christmas, when in fact we need to distinctly separate the time of patient waiting and preparation for our Saviour, from the joy when we can fully receive Him on Christmas day.  The school will be busy with classroom activities, preparations for the concert, service projects, celebrations, and general merriment; so much activity in a time of quiet, prayer-filled reflection.  Each Sunday of Advent provides a different focus to help centre us and keep us focused on the message of the Advent season. We look forward to welcoming this beautiful message with wide-open hearts.

Yours in faith,

Maureen Moorehead




Upcoming Parent Information Evening

Does your child have a cell phone?  Or do you plan on your child having a cell phone in high school?  Does your child have access to a computer or tablet at home?  Do you think your child will at some point be using Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, or Facebook?  Does your child play video games?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have a parent information night for you. On Monday, Oct. 23rd, St. Paul School, together with St. Joseph the Worker School, will be presenting a parent information evening titled Social Media Awareness and Parenting in the Digital World.  The evening is put on by a company called Safer Schools Together, who is contracted by the Ministry of Education to train and inform parents and educators around the province.  I attended this same workshop for educators a few weeks ago and found it highly informative and enlightening.  As the mother of 3 teenagers, it certainly helped me stay informed and connected with their online behaviour, the apps and social media platforms they are using, and what to watch for as a parent.  In our current and future digital world, come and learn how to protect your child and teach them responsible and appropriate use of technology.

I highly encourage your attendance at this parent information evening.  For details, please contact the office.
Yours in faith,

Maureen Moorehead.

Divine Intervention

It truly was divine intervention for the weather this past Friday for our annual school Walkathon.  The very rainy early hours of the morning had me pulling out all things waterproof from my closet, grateful that at least the temperature outside was mild.  With school spirit riding high, students arrived dressed for the weather and ready to do their part for our one big fundraiser of the year.  

Maybe it was Father Mark's blessing during the send off that did the trick, but as soon as Grade One stepped out to lead the school on the route, the skies suddenly dried up.  With Garden City Park as our destination, we spent the next two hours walking, singing, chanting, and having fun along the various routes for each grade.  

Thank you to the parent volunteers who greeted us as we arrived at the park with refreshments, cheers, and enthusiasm.  After a brief rest, a photo op, and a snack, classes began to make their way back to school, with the Gr. Four class bringing up the rear.  Just as classes arrived back at school, the skies opened up again.  Divine intervention indeed.

I continue to be so inspired and uplifted at the blessing that is the community of St. Paul School.  The generosity of time and talent given by parents, the enthusiasm of the students, and the pride and dedication of the staff all come together for a wonderful event that benefits the present and future students of our school.  Thank you to all; we are truly blessed.


Yours in faith,

Maureen Moorehead


What is this new curriculum anyway...?

Dear Parents,

Are you wondering what this “new curriculum” is all about?  As you well know by now, the Ministry of Education has officially rolled out the new curriculum and our teachers have spent most of the last two years preparing by rewriting short and long term plans, changing instruction and activities in the classroom, collaborating with each other, and working with professionals to gain the skills necessary to deliver the curriculum as only St. Paul teachers can.  Specifically, the staff will be working with Misty Paterson this year, a Teacher and certified Consultant in concept-based pedagogy, who will aid the teachers in developing their inquiry and concept based instruction in their classrooms.  Ms. Paterson’s role will be to advise the administrative team and co-lead the systemic planning, implementation, and documentation of the BC Redesigned Curriculum through professional development, steering committee meetings, parent education evenings, and classroom experiences.  This will take place over the entire school year.  For more information on Misty Paterson, please visit her web site at new web site is just in the process of being launched, so please keep checking in if it’s not quite ready yet.)  You will also have the opportunity to meet Misty at our Meet the Teacher evening on Sept. 19th where she will review her plans for St. Paul School.  Misty will offer a brief overview of the what, why, and how of the new curriculum from a parent and teacher lens.  Walk away with increased clarity and ideas you can try at home.  Please bring your smartphones!

See you on Sept. 19th.

Yours in faith,

Maureen Moorehead