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Thank You!

Hi Everyone:

One last post for this school year...

A short note of appreciation and thanks to all of you for making this school year so memorable.  Thank you to our students for their energy & effort in PE & Music classes.  I am inspired by your commitment to self-improvement and the wonderful music we get to share with one another.  Thank you to our parent community for your unwavering support of our extra-curricular sports programs.  Without your help & dedication, it would not be possible for our school to offer the programs we do. I feel blessed to work in such a caring, fun-loving, and supportive community.  Thank you to my colleagues who work day in and day out to ensure the success of all of the students in our school.  I am humbled by your talents and inspired by your love of learning.

A final word of thanks for the many cards, photos, gifts, and homemade treats I received over the past few days.  The generosity of this community has once again left me with a deep sense of gratitude.  I am a very lucky person to be able to get up each morning and come to work in such a special place.

All the best for a fun-filled, active, & safe summer.  I look forward to seeing you all again in September!

Mr. K


Summer 2017 is upon us...

Good Morning Everyone:

I have been speaking with our students about different ways they can maintain and improve their fitness levels over the course of the summer holidays.  I've included a list of helpful links below that may assist you in generating some new ideas on how to get some exercise together as a family over the summer.

That should get you started...GO PLAY OUTSIDE!!!

All the best for a fun & fit summer!

Mr. K


CISVA Track & Field Awards & Recognition- Friday June 23, 2017

Hi Everyone:

Please note that we will recognize all of our CISVA Track & Field Athletes as a part of our Fun Day celebrations on Friday June 23, 2017.  The awards will be presented at the start of our day, following the cheerleading portion of our morning assembly.  As I go through our results I am filled with Crusader pride at the accomplishments of our athletes.  I am also very grateful for the support and assistance provided by our school teaching staff and our parent community.


Mr. K

Monday June 5, 2017 - Track Practices...

Hi Everyone:


June 5 will be our last Track practice for the 2017 season...Best of luck to all of our CISVA finalists on Wednesday.

7:30 am  @ Minoru - CISVA 4 X 100 qualifying teams - 3G, 5Mix, 6G, 6Mix, 7G, 7Mix

                             - Gr. 3-7 1500m runners, Gr. 6 & 7 400m runners, 60m & 100m qualifiers (list to be posted as soon as I receive it)

                             - Any 60m, 100m, 200m runners are more than welcome to come & train on Monday.

12:00 pm - Day 2 Field Events @ St. Paul's - Shotput, Discus, High Jump, Long Jump.

3:00 pm - No practices.


12:00 - Team Meeting in Music Room for all Day 2 competitors.

Please be reminded that all participating students are responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from the Track Meet on Wednesday June 7, 2017.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. K





Track practice - Thursday June 1, 2017 @ Minoru @ 7:30 am - 1500m, 400m runners & 4X100 teams that are listed below...

Hi Everyone:

Congratulations to all of our CISVA Track athletes for their efforts today on the first day of competition.

We hope to hold practice in the morning (weather pending) for all 1500m & 400m runners - 7:30 am @ Minoru.

The following 4 X 100 relay teams have also qualified to return for their event final on Day 2 of the meet next Wednesday.  Please join us for practice tomorrow morning @ Minoru if at all possible...

Gr. 3 Girls - 5th

Gr. 5 Mixed - 8th

Gr. 6 Girls - 4th

Gr. 6 Mixed - 4th

Gr. 7 Girls - 2nd

Gr. 7 Mixed - 7th

I will be up early to check the weather - I will post a cancelation message by 7:00 am if we do decide to cancel practice due to the expected rain.  I hope we can squeeze in a practice before the Pro-D day on Friday.  


Mr. K

CISVA Track & Field Championships - DAY 1 Wednesday May 31, 2017 - Parking information...

Dear Parents:

Please take a look at the attached document that was forwarded to our school by the CISVA Athletic Commission.  As you know, Swangard Stadium and the surrounding area will be extremely busy tomorrow.  I would certainly plan on being earlier rather than later in planning your transportation for the day. Students are required to report in the stands in our usual location in Section C a minimum of one hour prior to their event time.  The complete schedule for tomorrow's meet is attached to the May 24 blog post.  Supervision will be provided as of 8:00 am (I will be @ the stadium much earlier than 8:00 should you need to drop your child off earlier).  Students are reminded that they must check out with Mrs. Espinosa & Mrs. Jeffrey before leaving the stadium at the conclusion of competition.  Use of the concession will be  reserved until after students have completed all of their events.

Students should be prepared for all types of weather & temperature conditions as the meet will proceed rain or shine.  

Best of luck to all of our athletes tomorrow! (Get to bed early tonight!)  See you @ Swangard!

Mr. K


May 29 - June 2, 2017

Track Schedule for May 29-June 2, 2017


7:30  - Gr. 3-7 Sprints & Relays @ Minoru

12:00 - Gr. 4-7 HJ

3:00 - 3:30 - Gr. 4-7 Shotput & Discus @ St. Paul's - 3:30 pm pick-up @ St. Paul's

3:00 - 4:00 - Gr. 3-7 Long Distance @ Minoru - 800m, 1500m, 400m  - 4:00 pm pick-up @ Minoru

3:00 - 4:00 - Gr. 3-7 Long Jump @ Minoru (with spikes) - 4:00 pm pick-up @ Minoru


No practices - Day of rest, stretching, hydration & nutrition!

12:00 - Gr. 3-7 Team Meeting in Music Room


Day 1 - CISVA Track & Field Championships @ Swangard Stadium


7:30 - Gr. 3-7 1500m, Gr. 6-7 400m, All qualifying 4 X 100 teams...

12:00 - Day 2 Field Events - Gr. 4 LJ, Gr. 4G Shot, Gr. 5 Shot, Gr. 5G Discus, Gr. 6 HJ, Gr. 6G Discus, Gr. 7 LJ


Pro - D Day - No classes!

Thanks - enjoy the beautiful suuny weekend.  Be "Sun Smart" while you are playing OUTSIDE!!! (Bonus points if you swim in a lake or the ocean!)

Mr. K


CISVA Track & Field Championships - DAY 1 Wednesday May 31, 2017 - Important information...


The big day is fast approaching!  Below you will find detailed information regarding Wednesday's competition @ Swangard Stadium in Burnaby.

1.  The Meet will proceed rain or shine - please ensure that athletes have everything they may require to stay as warm & dry as possible.  i.e. Waterproof or nylon jackets, baseball caps &/or toques, extra socks, a spare t-shirt,  a towel, a warm hoody, sunscreen etc.

2.  Student will require adequate healthy food, snacks & water for a full day of athletic competition.  The concession will be available for students only after they have completed all of their events.

3.  We will gather & sit in our traditional spot in Section C.  Take the second tunnel up & to your right as you enter the stadium.  Look for the St. Paul School Banner behind you as you enter the seating area.

4.  All athletes must be in the stands a minimum of one hour prior to the scheduled start time of their event.  Parking can be challenging as it is quite busy at the stadium.  Please leave yourselves ample time to make your event.  There is additional pay parking in the Telus building to the north of the stadium and there is also some street parking in the adjacent neighborhood to the west of the stadium. 

5.  Students are reminded to get to bed early on Tuesday night before the meet and ensure that they are properly warmed up & stretched out prior to participation in their event(s).


Mr. K


Special Assembly - Monday May 29, 2017 at 2:15 pm.

Hi Everyone:

Please join us next Monday afternoon at 2:15 pm as we will gather in the gym to recognize our CISVA Badminton team as well as to distribute the Track & Field ribbons from the Richmond Zones Track Meet.  I hope you can make it!


Mr. K