Grade 3's blog

Last Week of School/Picnic Day!

Wow! It's the last week of Grade Three! I can hardly believe where time has gone. There have been many adventures this year and I feel blessed to have taught your children. I am happy to be able to enjoy this last week of school with your children before I hand them back to you for the summer. 

Here is our week ahead:


Primary Picnic Day

Please arrive at school at 8:45.

Wear clothing for the weather. It's looking sunny so be sure to have hats, sunscreen, water bottles etc. 

Your child will want water shoes and a towel as they will most likely wish to get wet. (But runners to walk to the park)

If your child has an epi-pen please ensure that they wear it. 

Departure time: 9:30

Lunch Provided

Leave for School: 1:45 (or pick up time from the park)

3:00 dismissal at school for those who leave from the park. 

My deepest thanks to all of the parents that stepped up  to come and walk with our class. I'm very grateful to you!


We'll be doing a little clean up today, please send your child to school with an extra bag to take a few things home.

I am hoping that I can send it in bits so that it won't be too much at once. 

PE -- Last day!


Retirement Assembly for Mrs. Melvin 1:00pm -- please come and join us.


LAST DAY OF SCHOOL 8:45 - 12:00

Assembly 9:00 am

Dress down -- no uniform needed


NO SCHOOL -- Happy Summer!!!

June 19 - 23



No Hot Lunch Today

Picnic Form Due

Uniform Fittings -- Sign up online


Regular Day

Uniform Fittings - Sign up online


Mass at 11am


Regular Day


FUN DAY! Bring your team spirit and wear your team colours!

Parent Appreciation Breakfast -- 8:15 -- Students Cheer outside!

Dismissal is at 1pm



Monday 26th - Garden City Park Day

*** I need more walkers, pretty please?!?!?**** Anyone wanting more steps? Better health? MORE Fun??? Safety? 


June 12 - 16

Reminders for this week:


PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME TODAY. There is a special assembly being put on by our buddies. We will start BEFORE 9 am.

If you have Canucks gear, please bring it to wear over your uniform for the assembly. 

Hot lunch for those who ordered.





Special visit from Father Rodney (Vocations talk)



Regular day of fun!


Mrs. Erhardt will be in our class.

Mrs. Jeffrey to go with intermediate students for their field trip.

June 5 - 9

I can't believe it's June already! Time flies when you're having fun. 

Here is a look a head at this week:


Hot Lunch


Scholastic Order deadline (extended to today) -- Last one of the year -- get your summer reading material. 


CISVA track day -- mixed team and 1500m to go -- See Mr. Kelly's blog PE/Music

Dismissal at 2pm


Regular School Day


Grade 3 and 7 to lead assembly.

Please come and join us.

May 23 - 26

I hope that you've had a chance to spend your long weekend with family and friends and have been able to enjoy the sunshine! I certainly have. I feel blessed to have had the time with my loved ones. 

A thank-you to all of the families that sent in the nature items this past week. The students were quite successful in their creations and most importantly, in their ability to speak about the process of their creations. It was a wonderful experience to be able talk about our thinking, planning, and learning. I look forward to sharing their creations with you (we took photos of their artwork). 

This week:

*Please check the PE/Music Blog for updates on track and field.


PE and French (as usual) -- Don't forget to be doing the AIM website ( usernames and passwords were sent home from Mme. Caprilli. If you have any questions about it email 


PE (as usual)

Dismissal 2 pm


Regular day


Dress Down Day! Fictional Character Day! Get in the spirit of it... have some fun... imagine who you'll be... and support us in wishing a special someone (Mrs. Koop) well in her retirement.

I'm looking forward to another fun week of school with your children. Enjoy the last bit of the evening sunshine!

Nature Items for Art

Please bring a bag of nature items to share with the class for Thursday. (It can be a ziploc bag, a plastic grocery bag or other bag -- any size)

This can be any natural collections that you have handy around your area: leaves, branches, flowers, rocks, sand, weeds, etc. 


May 15 - 19

 What a wonderful Monday we've had! The students are really engaged in their learning. I find that these days go by so quickly. Today I asked the students to tell you about something that they learned in class today. Just in case they need a little help, here is snapshot of our day:

This morning after praying the rosary, we started our day by asking, "How can we show love for our parents?" The students came up with many wonderful answers. We made connections between showing love for our parents and how our parents show love for us. In doing so, we gained a deeper understanding of how marriage is a Sacrament of Service.

We continue to explore fractions and making comparisons of fractions. They used pattern blocks and wrote fractions and talked about numerators and denominators discussed the size of the parts of the whole. 

After recess, we spent time working with language. They are currently working on creating an anthology of poetry, working with their weekly spelling list, handwriting, and ReadWell comprehension activities and lessons. (Your child may not have done all of these, they may have chosen to focus on one area so find out which one they worked on.)

This afternoon, we had some fun with experiments in science and made many observations. The students are learning about thermal energy and ways that heat is transferred. We carried out two experiements and came up with some interesting findings about how heat is trasferred and how heat affects the movement of the molecules. 

It was a great day filled with learning and engagement. I am so proud of each one of them. 

The rest of the week:


Another fun-filled day in Grade 3!


Father Mark will be taking us on visit to the church.

Mass at 11am (Grade One to lead).

2:00 Dismissal


More great fun.


Assembly led by Gr. 5 & 2

Don't forget to plan your fictional character costume for May 26th. 

May 8 - 12

 It has been a busy last few weeks with track meets and field trips. I wish to express to you, the parents, what wonderful students your children are. They were so well-behaved at both the meets and field trips. I wanted to share with you that there was an email sent to Mrs. Moorehead from the  MOA to express their thanks for how wonderful the students were while attending the field trip. Thank you to the children and parents for being such a great example for our school! I am so proud of them!

A great big THANK YOU to all of the parent volunteers from our trip to MOA. I know that I couldn't have done it without each of you. 

This week:

Today we had some fun with science and changing states of matter and got to explore fractions in a variety of ways.


*Spellling Test from last week's words


Scholastic Orders Due for May

Dismissal 2:00


Regular Day


Long Jump @ 12:00

Spelling Test (new words)


Please be sure to email if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you so much for all of your generosity of time and talents with our class. I am enjoying this final term with your children.

May 1 - 5


Hot lunch for those who ordered


Richmond Zones Track Meet at Minoru

(See PE/Music Blog for more information)


Regular Wednesday -- Dismissal at 2:00


Arrive at school for 8:00am -- Bus departs at 8:15

Depart from field trip at 2:15 -- arrival at school approximately 3:00 depending on traffic. 

Thank you in advance to the parent volunteers. I am looking forward to our trip. 


No School -- Professional Development for Teachers.


Thank you! Field Trip(s)

 A Special Thank you to everyone for my lovely birthday gift, cake and warm wishes on Monday. You certainly know how to make a person feel special! I am very grateful for all of you.


Another GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all of the parent drivers/supervisors for our trip yesterday to Brittannia Shipyard. The children loved the trip as I am sure that you heard last evening when they came home. It certainly was interesting to hear how diverse cultures were treated differently in our local area. The students learned so much.


Field Trip Notices went out yesterday for our next trip, next Thursday, May 4th. (Yes, they are close together -- remember our cancelled trip in February? Yesterday was to replace that one... ) Thank you for having your notices in quickly for next week's trip. Please have them signed and returned for tomorrow. You should have received them last night. If you wish to supervise on the trip, send me an email and I can see if we have enough spaces to take everyone that volunteers. If we have too many, I'll draw randomly. If not, I'll take you all. The draw, if necessary, will be done tomorrow afternoon. PLEASE EMAIL BY 12:00 tomorrow so I can let you know in time to make arrangements for work/child care etc.


Have a wonderful week! Thank you for all of your kind support. Without the help from parents, we truly cannot be as successful.