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E-Mail Addresses

 Hello Grade One Families!

 I have just sent out two e-mails. Please let me know if your family did not receive the e-mails. If you did not receive the e-mails, please check with your spouse to see if they received the e-mails. We are currently working with one e-mail address per family (as you indicated on your registration).

 Thank-you for your patience and assistance!

 Mrs. Kelly

Grade One News: Week of Sept. 15 - 19

 Hello Grade One Families!

 I would like to congratulate the Grade One students for working so hard over the past two weeks and for trying their best to follow the school rules and routines. I would also like to thank the parents and caregivers for supporting us by having your children at school on time, reading with your child, and checking the agenda book.

 Please note the following information for the upcoming school week:


 If you have not yet sent in the emergency cards, pick-up forms, Walkathon volunteer forms, or birthday photos please do so as soon as possible.


 The students will begin the regular PE schedule this week. Grade One PE classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Please make sure that your child is wearing PE strip on these days.

 Meet the Teacher Night

 Please join us for Meet the Teacher Night on Tuesday September 16. We will begin at 6:45pm in the Parish Centre Gym. The children have made nametags for their parents so please come by the table in the gym before the meeting to pick yours up.

 School Mass

 Please join us at 11:00am on Wednesday for our first school Mass.

 Library Books

 Grade One library books are due on Thursdays. Students are welcome to return their book early if they are finished with it.


 Our Assembly this week will be led by Grades 2 and 5. Please join us!


 Please continue to collect pledges for our annual Walkathon. Let's work together to make this the most successful one yet!

 I am looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday evening!

 Mrs. Kelly 

Homework is Coming!

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Tomorrow, Wednesday September 10, the Grade One students will bring home their agenda book and home reading for the first time.

 Agenda Book:

 The agenda book will be brought home daily with assignments and notes written on the appropriate date. Please check the agenda book and initial it daily. Any paper notes or newsletters will be in the clear front pouch. If you have any notes etc. for me, please put them into the front pouch as well. Please do not allow your child to decorate the front of the agenda book with stickers etc. 

 Home Reading:

 The home reading program in the first term uses the reading a - z books that you may remember from Kindergarten. All of the students have been assessed and assigned a level at which to begin. The book, recording sheet, and instruction sheet are all sent home in a plastic Ziploc bag. Please follow the instructions for reading and recording, and then return the recording sheet and book to school in the same Ziploc bag. It is expected that each student will read at least one book every two or three days.

 When the agenda book and home reading come home tomorrow, please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.


 Mrs. Kelly

Grade One News: Week of Sept. 8 - 12

 Hello Grade One Families!

 We had a very successful first week of Grade One and as we enter this second week of school, the Grade One class will continue to learn and practice classroom and school routines. The students are eager to share their knowledge with me. This month we will be focusing on the following areas of study:

 Religion: welcoming others and the theme "Live the Joy of the Gospel"

 Math: patterns

 English Language: oral reading (using the ReadWell program), sentence writing, sequencing of poems and events in stories

 Science: weather and seasons

 Social Studies: school rules, roles, and responsibilities

 I will be outlining the curriculum for the year as well as many other Grade One routines at Meet the Teacher Night on Tuesday September 16 at 6:45pm.

 This will be another busy week in Grade One including the following:

 Monday: PE class 

 Tuesday: PE class

 Wednesday: the students will bring home their agenda books and home reading for the first time (I will blog about this on Tuesday evening) 

 Thursday: first visit to the school library

 Friday:  PE class

 The walkathon pledge forms were sent home on Friday. Please help us with this important fundraiser by collecting pledges and volunteering to walk or work at a station on Walkathon Day...Friday September 26. Pledge sheets and money should be sent in after the walkathon not before.

 Please send in birthday pictures, emergency forms, pick-up forms, and walkathon volunteer forms as soon as possible. Thank-you to everyone who has already done so! 

 Have a wonderful week!

 Mrs. Kelly!




Grade One News Sept. 2

 Hello Grade One Families!

 I was so happy to meet all of the Grade One students this morning and am very much looking forward to getting to know them during these first days of school.

 Please make note of the following information:

 1. Please send in a photo of your child for our school birthday board as soon as possible. It is helpful if you label the back of the photo with your child's name and birthdate.

 2. If your child is absent for any reason, please call or e-mail the school office before school and send in an absentee note with your child when he/she returns to school.

 3. Please send your child's gym shoes to school on either Wednesday or Thursday this week. These shoes will stay in your child's locker to be used in PE classes. The Grade One students also wear a St. Paul School gym uniform for PE classes. The students wear their "PE strip" underneath the regular school uniform on PE days. Grade One PE classes are normally held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; however, over the next two weeks the PE schedule will be as follows: Thursday September 4 (runners only), Friday September 5, Monday September 8, Tuesday September 9, and Friday September 12. Please note that PE strip is required for every PE class beginning on Friday September 5.

 Please contact me at if you have any questions. Thank-you for your ongoing support and cooperation!

 Mrs. Kelly 

Welcome to Grade One!

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Welcome to a new school year! I feel very blessed to once again find myself at the beginning of a school year filled with opportunities to guide the students as they grow spiritually, emotionally, and academically. Following the Archdiocesan theme "Live the Joy of the Gospel", I hope that this year will be filled with joy, learning, laughter and wonderful memory-making moments for your children.

 If you ordered school supplies from Edu-Pac, they have arrived and the students will bring them home on the first day of school. Please follow the instructions for labelling and organizating the supplies (to be found on the coloured sheet inside the Edu-Pac bag). Labelled school supplies must be returned to school on Wednesday September 3.  

 Please check the blog on Tuesday evening for a blog entry which will include many important pieces of information for the beginning of the school year. 

 Just a reminder that school begins at 9:00am on Tuesday September 2 and dismissal is at 11:00am. Grade One students are dismissed through the glass doors in the covered area on the south side of the school. Please let your child know who will be picking them up and where you (or the alternate pick-up person) will be waiting because the pick-up area can be very overwhelming for the younger students. It is very helpful if the Grade One students have a clear "pick-up plan" with their family. I will accompany the Grade One students outside to the covered area for at least the first week of school and there is always a staff member assigned to after school supervision.

 If you have any questions please e-mail me at

 Have a wonderful long weekend and I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

 Mrs. Kelly

 Grade One teacher