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PE Tomorrow!

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Thank-you to everyone who was able to join us for a very fun day at Garden City Play Park!

 Please note that the Grade One class will have PE tomorrow morning instead of Music class.

 Mrs. Kelly 

June News

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Here we are at the end of the school year already!

 June is a busy month so if you have any questions about the upcoming events please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.

 This is an outline of the special dates this month. Any further information will be posted on the blog and sent in an e-mail.

 June 6 - no school

 June 11 - school Mass led by Grade One at 11:00am

 June 12 - last day for both spelling and home reading

 June 13 - Parent Appreciation Breakfast and Fun Day activities

 June 16 - primary classes' picnic at Garden City Play Park

 June 20 - Assembly led by Grades 1 and 4 at 9:00am

 June 24 - last day of school - dismissal is at 11:00am

 Please note that the Grade One students have been divided into two groups and will either be leading the Mass or the Assembly - not both.


 Mrs. Kelly




May News

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Here we are a few weeks into spring and the children are enjoying playing outside in this beautiful weather. I have encouraged the children to bring a baseball cap or sunhat to school to wear outside in the warm, sunny weather. Please make sure that any hats that are worn to school are labelled with your child's name. Also, many of the students are in need of new crayons. Please ask your child if they need new crayons and if the answer is "yes!" then please buy a 24 pack and send it to school as soon as possible.

 These are our units of study for the remainder of the school year:

 Religion - the rosary and Mary, the "I'm a Gift from God" program, the Church

 Math - addition and subtraction to 20

 Writing - imaginative story writing

 Social Studies/Science - habitats and local animals

 I will not be sending suggestions for family activities for May and June, but I will send a list of possible "family field trips" for the summer.

 Please note these important dates for Grade One in May:

 May 2 - Assembly cancelled

 May 5 - field trip to the bird sanctuary: Students should wear their school polo shirt, school sweater, casual pants (such as jeans), and running shoes. We will be away for the entire morning and return for lunch and afternoon classes. There will not be a morning snack on this day.

 May 14 - school Mass at 11:00am

 May 16 - no school

 May 19 - no school

 May 22 - all library books due (there will be no further Grade One library periods after this date)

 Please contact me if you have any questions.


 Mrs. Kelly

Field Trip Volunteers

 Hello Grade One Parents!

 Thank-you very much for returning the field trip forms promptly! The parent volunteers for the bird sanctuary trip are: Mrs. Diaz, Mrs. Leung, Mrs. Chow, Mr. Cheung, Mr. Villasenor, Mrs. Liu, and Mrs. Chen. There will be more information about what the students should wear etc. on the May blog post which will be on the website by Thursday evening.

 Have a wonderful week!

 Mrs. Kelly 

April in Grade One

 Hello Grade One Families!

 I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the student-led conferences on Friday.

 Here is an update of our units of study for April:

 Religion - forgiveness, Holy Week, and Easter

 Math - geometry and numbers to 100

 Writing - storywriting (imaginative stories)

 In science and social studies we will continue the units from March.

 I hope that you all received the newsletter about curriculm related family activities for March and April.

 Please note these important dates in April:

 April 4: student-led conferences...  This is a day for your child to share the work we have been doing in the classroom. It is a wonderful celebration of accomplishments.  If you would like to meet with me, please make an appointment for another day.

 April 18: Good school

 April 21: Easter school

 April 22: Mite Boxes returned please

 April 23: class photo day

 If you have any questions please contact me at

 See you on Friday!

 Mrs. Kelly

March News

 Hello Grade One Families!

 As we move into the month of March we will be beginning many new areas of study in Grade One:

 Religion: Lent, prayer, the Church, being of service to others

 Math: measurement and geometry

 Writing: paragraph writing 

 Social Studies: natural environments such as ponds, mountains and forests

 Science: plants

 We will also continue many of our ongoing activities such as ReadWell, spelling boxes, printing, journal and calendar

 Please note these dates in the month of March:

 March 5 - Ash Wednesday Mass at 11:00am

 March 6 - Lenten morning Masses begin at 8:15am. All students are encouraged to attend and sit up at the front of the Church

 March 7 - no PE due to a function in the gym

 March 13 - report cards home

 March 14 - 21- Spring Break

 March 28 - there will be no Assembly on this day!

 If you have any questions please e-mail me at

 Mrs. Kelly 

February 21, 2014

 On Friday February 21, 2014 the students may wear red and white clothes instead of their school uniform. We are having this dress-down day in support of the Canadian athletes participating in the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. The students do not need to wear their PE strip tomorrow.

 Go Canada Go!


 Mrs. Kelly

February News

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Here we are already in the short month of February!

 We will continue working on our units of study from January in all subject areas except Religion. In Religion, we will be doing a short unit on friendship and then preparing for our Assembly on February 28.

 Please note the following important dates for Grade One in February:

 February 7: please ensure that all home reading and ReadWell homework is returned on this date because there will be no assignments during the holiday week

 February 10 - 14: no school for students

 February 17: Valentine Card Day - if your child would like to give Valentine's Day cards to all of his/her classmates please send them on this day

 February 19: Mass at 11:00am and 100s Day! (there are no home projects in Grade One)

 February 28: Assembly led by Grades One and Four

 Just a reminder that when your child is absent from school for any reason, a written note is required to explain the absence. Please send the note with your child upon his/her return to school.

 If you have any questions please contact me at


 Mrs. Kelly





January Updates

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Just a few reminders and updates:

 1. Please feel free to come in on Thursday January 23 at 3:00pm to see the "lost snowmen" display. If that time doesn't work for you perhaps we can arrange another day.

 2. There is no PE this Friday.

 3. Dismissal on Friday January 24 is at 2:00pm.

 4. There is no school on Monday January 27.

 5. Please remember to leave all of the ReadWell homework sheets in the envelope until the end of the unit at which time they will be stapled together and sent home.


 Mrs. Kelly 


January News

 Hello Grade One Families!

 Happy New Year!  Thank-you very much for all of your Christmas greetings and gifts. I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season.

 Please note these important school dates:

 January 10 - the students will present their Gospel reading at the 9:00am Assembly

 January 17 - no school (Professional Development Day)

 January 20 - in-class science workshop

 January 24 - 11:00am school Feast Day Mass and luncheon...please join us!

 January 27 - no school (Feast Day holiday)

 We have begun many new units of study this month including:

 Religion: the conversion and ministry of St. Paul

 Math: addition and subtraction

 Writing: non-fiction writing and providing details on a topic

 Social Studies: the symbols of Canada

 Science: forces and motion

 In Reading we will continue to use the ReadWell program. The first home reading assignment will be sent home on Thursday January 9 in a red duo-tang. Please keep the assignment at home for as long as you need to thoroughly complete it. When students hand-in an assignment they will receive a new one the following day. 

 As I mentioned at the November Parent Meeting, I will also be sending home some suggestions for curriculum related family activities for some of these units. Watch for the note on Thursday January 9.

 Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

 Mrs. Kelly